We find & pitch the best TikTok influencers for your product.

Get organic traffic and increase brand awareness by getting TikTok creators to make videos about you.

The process

You submit a link to your product and tell us who is your perfect target audience
We meticulously select most-relevant creators for you by hand
We send you the list w/ creators' profiles and emails

After this, you have two choices:
You reach out to the creators yourself
We reach out to the creators and negotiate the price on your behalf, CC'ing you


Millions of followers mean nothing on TikTok. The centerpiece of this social network is engagement. We aim to choose creators whose last videos went viral but who have a modest following. That's the golden middle.

Reply rate?

We've seen an average of 25%. Micro-influencers are cash-hungrier and charge less than established publicity moguls. Expect to pay around $30-50 for a 12-15s video. Having an affiliate program helps to increase the conversion rate, too.

Is it a scraped list?

Nope. Once a new order comes in, we roll up our sleeves, open Gen Z's favorite app, and start searching by topic, and saving influencers with a modest following but whose recent videos pulled in a decent number of views.

Are these creators okay with me emailing them?

We only include creators who publicly shared their email address stating they're open to collaborations. Thus, it ain't pushing something they don't want down their throat.

Get 'em creators

Page with the most detailed information about your product. Your landing page, about page, App Store or Google Play page, etc.
Get them in 4 days


Why does it take so long?
We manually search the hashtags in the TikTok app, click on creators, and evaluate if they're a good match. It's a laborious task but it guarantees better quality.

What's a micro-influencer?
I'm aiming to find creators with <10k followers but whose recent videos gained a substantial number of views. It's the beauty of TikTok, in fact — you don't need to have 3 million followers so your video randomly shoots up to the moon. Micro-influencers are cash-hungrier than established creators, hence charge way less, yet they know how to make a decent video, too.

Will I get an invoice for my payment?
Of course. Payments are handled by Stripe, and you'll get a Stripe-issued invoice once you've completed the payment.

Why is this page so simple?
I've started PitchPal very recently. It's an MVP, in other words. I'm focusing on getting customers and making sure they get excellent results and are generally happy at this point rather than compelling gradients, eye-watering fonts, and jaw-dropping animations.

Can I trust you?
I'd be happy if you did. In fact, I'm building PitchPal in public, so you can follow along the whole journey on Twitter/X: @chernikovalexey

Can I contact you?
Sure. I'm most responsive on X @chernikovalexey and via email at [email protected].

Can I learn more about how to promote my small business?
Sure. I've written a bunch of articles about how to promote a small business using TikTok influencer outreach and many other tools and approaches.